Success Stories

I engaged Louise's services to work with an accountability buddy. I thought I understood a lot of about nutrition and that I just needed her to help me say on track using the calories in, calories burned concept.  How incredibly off base I was.  In a completely organic and yet systematic way, Louise encouraged me (through the use of food/exercise/mood/sleep tracker) to look inside myself for the answers to why I was eating poorly and gaining weight.  In the most caring, gentle manner imaginable, she listened to my journey of self discovery much like a psychologist would and offered me authentic feedback and suggestions for growth and improvement.  After less than five months, my weight is back to exactly where I had hoped it would be but far more importantly my lifestyle has forever changed.  Through her teachings, I finally understand how nutrition works and that no deprivation is necessary.  In fact, my husband and I often comment on the fact that we're eating more now than ever before and we're feeling full of energy.  Louise also walks the talk and is a fine example of fit a person starting their sixth decade of life can look and feel.  I look forward to staying in touch with her through some fitness interests we have in common.  I would highly recommend her.

N.M  Mississauga, Ontario (in person & Skype ) 

I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciate all the guidance and support you gave me through my diet program.  The plan you built for me helped me to keep the focus on my goal and discover delicious, healthy and balanced menu that my family and I have been enjoying very much! I feel that in a few weeks I've been able to develop a new relationship with food, a much healthier one and I feel so good about it.  In seven weeks, I have lost almost my initial goal of 10 pounds. I feel strong and determined to get there and to keep going.  Thank you for everything.

A.P.S    Markham, Ontario

Having finished our sessions with you just prior to Christmas, I stepped on the scale this morning (mid January) and I have still lost a bit more weight.  What a nice surprise.  I'd say my new eating habits have a lot to do with it.  And it's funny how content I feel after the smaller but frequent meals.  Never feeling I'm missing out...and those crazy, out-of-control cravings...gone, gone, gone!!...sure I've had a few pizza and chip nights but its funny how little I need...I'm usually craving greens the next mornings!!  So thank you Louise

A.S.  Markham, Ontario

I have been putting off changing my lifestyle towards a healthier one for many years now. With Louise's help the impossible now seemed possible. The simple and straightforward tips and lifestyle changes really made a huge impact in my life. It has truly made me a healthier person, with easy changes that overtime are not hard to maintain, I have never been so grateful to have taken this first step towards a healthier me. 

Bernardo C.  Markham, Ontario

I have been frustrated over the last few years with a steady increase in my weight despite an active lifestyle and what I thought were healthy eating habits.  In frustration, I reached out to Louise to try and understand why I could not lose the extra pounds, and there has been no looking back!  Working collaboratively Louise helped me develop an eating plan that works within my lifestyle and food preferences.  With her extensive knowledge of nutrition, positive attitude, and commitment to success, Louise coached me every step of the way as I made dramatic changes in my diet.  Thanks to Louise, I have been successful in achieving my goals for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  I am especially grateful for the personalized attention and on-going support I received through her program.

Kim B, Markham, Ontario

I've reached out to Louise to help my 12 year old son to not only lose weight, but to get less anxious about eating and to learn how to make better food choices. In the very first session I've realized that I, as a mom, had to change a few habits too in order to help my son. So frozen pizza, breaded chicken, crackers and cereal bars were replaced by vegetable snacks, more protein, seeds and nuts. Today, as the sessions with Louise come to an end I'm very happy to say that my whole family is eating healthier thanks to the things I've learned with Louise, my son has reached his ideal weight and is very conscious of how to keep a balanced diet, how to read package labels and choose what goes in our grocery bag. In his own words he's very thankful to Louise for all her help and support. It has been a pleasant journey with a great achievement and learnings we will keep for life. Thanks Louise!!!  

A-P.R Markham, Ontario

I would like to thank you for giving me the tools and inspiration to get my body and mind to a place I am now comfortable with. My blood results are now in a safer zone than ever before; I am controlling my cravings better than ever before; I do not chew antacids after my meals. This is a direct result of the nutrition and exercise guidelines that you provided for me. Your training sessions were geared for my age and level of fitness. This does not always happen at a fitness centre. The food tracker was a key to unlocking the mystery of my weight gain. Going through it with me every week taught me how these food groups relate. Setting goals for the week also ensured I stayed on track. The best thing for me was I dropped two sizes and received a lot of compliments – something I am not too old to enjoy!

Carole G. Markham, Ontario 

I am a senior woman, who has had problems with weight over many years. Two years ago, with my weight once again beyond the healthy level, I contacted Louise for her guidance. Louise designed a program which insured that I received the right balance of nutrients, with minimum calories. She included many tips for reading labels to purchase food products with care, and she provided many tasty recipes to try. I was encouraged to adopt a new lifestyle, with more fruit and vegetables, and a minimum of processed food containing sugar and fat. Through Louise’s knowledge of nutrition, and her pleasant personality, I was successful in reaching my goal. I.D.S London, Ontario (Skype client)

Since consulting with Louise and learning more about healthy food and good eating habits, my blood sugar has stablized, my good cholesterol is up, my bad cholesterol is down, and I have a lot more energy.

John C. Markham, Ontario

I couldn't have done this without your amazing teaching and continued guidance and feedback these past ten weeks.  You have been so supportive Louise.  I love your gentle spirit and the care you show each one of your clients.  Your passion for what you do is evident by what you give to others.    :-) I am forever grateful to have made this decision to take action and become more aware of my health. Thank you so much.

S.H. Unionville, Ontario

In my mid 50's I started to slowly gain weight. Up until then I had been successfully controlling my weight on my own. I realized that I needed professional help. I chose Louise McGill to guide the way. I was very happy with the personal touch. With Louise's help I learned how to slowly change my eating lifestyle. She also gave me advice on how to tweak my workout regime. Everything came together to achieve my goal. I highly recommend Louise to assist you to become nutritionally fit.

Cindy M. Scarborough, Ontario

Louise provided me with information on healthier food choices.  Now, I make better eating decisions that have reduced my weight and improved my overall health and energy level.  Louise looked at what I wanted to accomplish and guided me to reach my goals through a customized program.  – one that I knew I would follow and have!”

Brenda M. Belleville Ontario (phone client)

We simply love Louise!  Our daughter has Crohn's disease and Louise came into our lives at an extremely challenging time. She helped calm our anxieties. Louise has helped us navigate the huge world of organic food and is extremely knowledgeable about how our body uses food. She's unendingly helpful with recipes, menu planning, new product ideas, and with vitamins and supplements. More than anything, Louise is kind, understanding, and supportive. Her concrete solutions and suggestions have helped our daughter and our whole family. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Bonnie C.  Unionville, Ontario

Over the past year I have been a client of Louise. Not only did she help me lose 15 pounds for my wedding, but she empowered me with her nutritional knowledge to make radical changes in my busy life. When I was ready, Louise’s personal training expertise embarked me on a fitness and running program and I recently completed a 10 KM run for the first time in my life. No more counting points, vitamin B shots, expensive supplements, eating prepackaged foods, which discouraged me from family and social events.  I now make healthy choices on a regular basis, have more energy and feel healthier than I ever have.  I am off the diet roller coaster ride.  My whole family has reaped the benefits of Louise’s guidance.

Kim M. Markham, Ontario