Protein & Your Athletic Performance- Too Little? Too Much? Just right!

First, the science. Your muscles are in a continuous cycle of building (anabolic) and breaking down (catabolic). The amount of protein in your body is in direct correlation to your nitrogen balance. So, if you have a negative nitrogen balance, you are breaking down proteins quicker than you are building them. Conversely, with a positive nitrogen balance, you are creating new proteins faster than you break them down. Knowing this science makes the math simple: muscle building=a positive nitrogen balance. This is predominantly true for those of all ages and fitness levels. Since we all lose muscle as we age, it is critical we do our best to preserve muscle to keep us staying mobile for everyday function. It is also necessary for getting the fast recovery you need if you are doing more intensive workouts (weight resistance, triathletes, long distance runners, etc.). Read More

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