What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) is a dedicated professional, trained in Natural Nutrition and complementary therapies.  Their main role is to educate individuals about how to make smarter, educated choices in their quest to build and maintain improved nutritional balance.  Ultimately, a RHN is an invaluable guide and resource, directing and supporting you on your journey toward wellness.

What Makes Holistic Nutrition Unique?

Holistic nutritional consulting is unique because it encompasses the whole picture of health, recognizing body, mind, and spirit as a complete pathway toward optimal health. A nutritional consultant can assist you in incorporating healthy changes into all aspects of your life and work with you to overcome some of the most difficult nutritional and health challenges.

Anyone of any age can benefit from Holistic Nutrition. In particular, Holistic Nutrition can help you take a proactive, preventative approach by assisting in reversing pre-existing conditions. It can guide you toward solutions for health disorders that are influenced by diet.  The list of conditions in which food choices play a role is staggering.  They include:



Bolded Text: Louise's specialities;  I am happy help with all of the above, but these  clients are whom I advise on an ongoing basis.. See testimonials.

Skin Conditions (acne)

IBD (Crohn's, Colitis, IBS)


Intolerances (lactose/gluten)


Cholesterol issues

Sports Nutrition



Type II Diabetes


Low Immunity (frequent colds or illnesses)


Premenstrual Syndrome/Menopause

Weight Issues