Consulting Process

What happens after you book your first appointment?
Your Initial 1 hour Appointment: Before your first visit, Louise will ask you keep a 4-6 day record of your food intake, beverages and any supplements that you may be taking, as well as any other observations about your health in general (i.e.: digestion issues, energy level, reaction to foods, etc). When you arrive, Louise will ask you a variety of health related questions, review your food journal and provide you with initial comments and feedback. Together you will establish what changes you are willing to make in your life at this time.  Changes can be made in small or big steps, according to your level of comfort.
Between the 1st and 2nd Appointment During this one to two week period, Louise reviews the gathered information and determines how best to help you create nutritional balance and establish equilibrium. The goal is to achieve better health, energy and longevity.  This will mainly focus on nutritional recommendations but will also include other aspects to improve your overall health.
Your 2nd Appointment During this 45 minute session, Louise details her recommended program to you and answers any questions.  At that time, further follow up sessions may be recommended, based on your individual needs to help you achieve long term, successful results.

And start living healthy TODAY