Achieve a greater sense of energy, vitality and productivity in your every day life! 


The NFit (Nutritionally Fit) Philosophy


Each of us has been gifted with our own unique body, one vessel to carry us through this life. 

NFit ‘s Louise McGill believes it is never too late to work with what you have been given to help make your journey easier.  By embracing your physical potential, you can live each day with increased energy, strength and vitality.  No matter what your challenges, from weight issues to pre-existing conditions, Louise’s targeted nutrition and fitness programs will guide you as you move toward truly living and loving your new lifestyle. 


NFit Principals


Nutritionally rich, whole foods are the basis cornerstones good health and wellness

Focusing on realistic, sustainable ways to incorporate nutrition and fitness into your life

inspiring you to reach your potential and meet every challenge

teaching you the tools needed to make your body work better for you, not just for today, but for always.